Festive Menu 2016


A salty snack to have with a welcome drink

Trout and cream cheese truffle 2 €

Authentic Viru pepper rib with wild garlic butter, seed bread and pink pearl onions 2 €

A sweet snack to have with a welcome drink

Macarons 2 €

Berries/fruits in chocolate (choice of fruits according to the seasons) 2 €

Cold buffet 1                          15 €

Estonian potato salad

Green salad with Caesar dressing, Grana Padano shavings and

crispy bread

Traditional salt herring fillet with sour cream and onions pickled

in beetroot juice

Roast beef with horseradish-sour cream dressing

Smoked pork tenderloin

Marinated vegetable skewers Chicken skewers with chili mayonnaise

Cold buffet 2                          20 €

Green vegetable salad with feta cheese and olives

Bean and country smoked ham salad

Estonian potato salad

Gravlax with wild garlic butter

Chicken skewers with chili mayonnaise

Smoked duck breast with forest berry sauce

Venison roast beef with pickles

Warm buffet 1                          16 €

Pesto and mayonnaise baked salmon fillet

Oven-baked pork neck

Red wine sauce

Oven-baked vegetables

Oven-baked potatoes

Steamed rice

Warm buffet 2                          22 €

Peipus pikeperch

Braised wild boar

Creamy wild mushroom sauce

Stir-fried seasonal vegetables

Potato gratin

Steamed rice

Dessert buffet                          5 €

A selection of different cheeses with suitable garnish

Handmade cookies

Separate course or platters of warm dishes

Salmon medallions with creamy lime dressing, mild vegetables and
herb potatoes 14 €
Chicken fricassee (butter sautéed chicken braised in creamy
cognac sauce) with glazed vegetables 14 €
Braised wild boar with stir-fried seasonal vegetables and oven-baked potatoes 18 €

* Dishes served from platters are 2 € cheaper than the ones served as

a separate course


Champagne, sparkling wine

Saint-Maurice Brut, France 43 €/ 75cl

Prosecco Extra Dry DOC, Canella, Italy 13 €/ 75 cl

Pere Ventura Cava Cuvee Especial, Spain 14 €/ 75 cl

Red wine

Cielo Primitivo, Italy 11 €/ 75 cl

Vendanges Nocturnes Classic Red VDP dÓc, France 13 €/ 75 cl

White wine

Cielo Pinot Grigio, Italy 11 €/ 75 cl

Franz Hoffner Riesling, Germany 11 € / 75 cl

Vendanges Nocturnes Classic White VDP dÓc, France 13 €/ 75 cl


Vodka Saaremaa 14 €/ 50 cl

Viru Valge 14 €/ 50 cl

Russky Standart 19 €/ 50 cl

Brandy, cognac

Braastad VSOP 45 €/ 70

Larsen VSOP 78 € / 100cl

Hennessy VSOP 110 €/100 cl

Soft drinks

Jug of water Free

Vichy water 1 €/ 33 cl

Natural cranberry drink 1,70/ 100cl

Juice 3 €/100 cl

If you wish, we can put together a selection of dishes according to your wishes

and send you a personal offer.

Prices include service charges.