Group Menus 2015

MENU 1       Price: 2 courses 12 €, 3 courses 15 €

Green salad with Caesar dressing and parmesan
Puréed carrot soup*
Creamy fish soup

 Main dishes
Creamy pasta with vegetables, ham and cheese
Chicken and vegetable stew with rice *
Oven-baked pork tenderloin with cream sauce and baked potatoes*

Blueberry soup with whipped cream *
Apple cake with vanilla sauce *
Local dessert “kama” with berry sauce*

       Price: 2 courses 14 €, 3 courses 17 €

Greek salad with Feta cheese
Tuna fish salad with French beans and mayonnaise-lemon sauce
Meat solyanka*

Main dishes
Plaice in cream sauce with steamed vegetables Dark-beer-stewed beef and vegetables *
Wild boar stew with vegetables *

Ice cream with chocolate and jam*
Cottage cheese and biscuit  cream with wild berry sauce*
Fruit salad with whipped cream

       Price: 2 courses 17 €, 3 courses 20 €

Cold smoked salmon fillet with cottage cheese and cucumber salad
Duck fillet salad with blackberry vinaigrette *
Tomato and coconut soup

Main dishes
Baked salmon with white wine sauce and steamed vegetables
Braised elk meat with baked vegetables*
Oven roasted lamb with cranberry sauce and  warm vegetable salad

Sparkling wine and berry jelly
Chocolate mousse with cherries
Carrot cake with hazelnuts*

* Main ingredients originate from Estonia

Coffee, tea and water are included to the menu.

Minimum size of the groups are 10 persons and we expect the same menu to be ordered for the whole group.

The time limit for making or changing an order is minimum 48 hours.