Group menus 2017

Group Menu 2017*
2 courses / 3 courses

I Traditional Estonian flavours 13 € /16 €
Bean salad with crispy smoked bacon
Baked flounder with cream and onion, mashed potatoes
Baked apple with smoked plum filling and ice cream

II The flavours of Lahemaa 15 € / 19 €
Forest mushroom soup with vegetables from the neighbor’s farm and chicken stock
Stewed wild boar with seasonal oven vegetables
Blueberry crème brûlée

III The flavours of the Manor 18 € / 21 €
Buckwheat blinis with lightly salted salmon and caviar with a side of sour cream
Duck leg with forest berry sauce and rutabaga pudding
Wine jelly with vanilla mousse

*all dishes are gluten-free

Selection by type of dish:

1. Appetizers 4 €

1.1. Greek salad
1.2. Creamy fish soup
1.3. Meat solyanka

2. Main courses 8 €
2.1. Stewed chicken filet, stir-fried vegetables, wild rice mix
2.2. Pesto-coated salmon filet with a side of vegetable ragout
2.3. Oven pork neck, thick gravy, oven potatoes, organic vegetables

3.Desserts 4 €
3.1. Blueberry soup with whipped cream
3.2. Sagadi apple or rhubarb pie with vanilla custard
3.3. Kama mousse with berry sauce

Coffee, tea and water are included to the menu.

Minimum size of a group is 10 people and you are kindly asked to pre-order the same menu for the entire group.

The time limit for making or changing an order is minimum 48 hours.

Groups of more than 20 people are served a buffet.