Summer a la carte 2016


Two-tomato salad with mozzarella, fresh shoots, and vinaigrette dressing G V
7 €
Herb matured herring rolls (Purple potatoes, onions, eggs, cucumbers, and honey mustard dressing ) C E G
7 €
Alder-smoked salmon (Fresh cucumbers, micro herbs, and an airy sour cream mousse) C E G
7 €
Deer Carpaccio (Grana Padano shavings, basil vinaigrette, and garden greens) G


Creamy fish soup with ramson butter (Flounder, cauliflower, carrots, and leek) C E G
4 €
Zesty vegan tomato and coconut soup G L V
4 €
Fresh cucumber and melon cold soup (Fluffy cream mousse) G V
4 €


Meat and onion dumplings (Herb sour cream, mini tomato and fresh cucumber salad) C
7 €
Mushroom vareniki (Cured tomato and basil sauce, Grana Padano shavings) C V
7 €


Breaded herring butterfly fillets (Potato gratin, herb cream, and marinated shallots) C E
10 €
Roasted trout fillet (Béarnaise sauce, vegetable noodles, and black rice) C
12 €


Honey and sesame chicken fillet julienne (Sweet peppers, zucchini, sugar peas, mango, and hollandaise sauce) C G
9 €
Rägavere lamb ragout (Summer-coloured vegetables and back garlic) C E G
14 €
Lahemaa moose roast (Cognac sauce, mushrooms, organic vegetables, and potato gratin) C E
17 €
Deer steak grilled on cast iron (Amarena cherry topping, sweet peas, roasted mini tomatoes and a mashed potato pocket with mushroom filling)
18 €
Bear steak (Red wine sauce, black garlic, wild mushrooms, and potato roast) C E
39 €


Lentil pilaf with mushrooms under a lid of puff pastry V
8 €
Vegan vegetable wok from young vegetables, coconut milk, and ginger G L V
8 €


Panna cotta trio: vanilla, mojito, apricot G
5 €
Cappuccino parfait G
5 €
Handmade wild blueberry ice cream C E G
5 €
Sagadi carrot cake with hazelnuts C E
5 €
Classic cheesecake with summer berries
5 €
Summer cheese assortment for two
12 €


 Chicken drumsticks K E G 4,50 €
 Pork cutlets with pan-roasted potatoes K E 4,50 €
 Pancakes with jam and an ice cream ball K E 3,50 €
 Assorted ice cream with berry sauce and cookies K 3,50 €
 Berry smoothie 3,50 €

C – main components produced in Estonia
E – traditional Estonian food
V – vegetarian food
L – lactose free
G – gluten free