Would you like to become lord of the manor?

Would you like to rule the manor?

Participate in our manor game for the rare opportunity to experience this. The lord of Sagadi estate is off travelling the world for several years and is renting out the manor. The tenant will be chosen through a competition in which the candidates have to play the coat of arms game, put together a puzzle involving the story of the manor, demonstrate their knowledge of manor houses, guess the owner of the parrot, and take a look into the all-powerful world of journalism. Who will receive the keys to the manor? It could be you!

This special offer is ideal for organizing seminars or spending quality time with friends in a relaxing manor setting.

The offer includes:

Package price 44 EUR / 688 EEK per person ( 57 € for accommodation in single rooms).

The offer is suitable for groups of 20-40 people (the 60 m2 seminar room seats 25 people with a U-shaped seating arrangement and up to 50 people with a theatre-style seating arrangement).

For reservations, call 676 7888 or e-mail us at sagadi.hotell@rmk.ee

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