Festive menu 2017

Cold buffet 1                              16€

  • Estonian potato salad
  • Green salad with Caesar dressing, Grana Padano cheeseflakes and crispy bread
  • Traditional salt herring fillets with herb sour cream and onion marinated in beet juice
  • Roast beef with smoked plum and red onion relish
  • Alder smoked pork tenderloin cuts, spiced pickles
  • Mozzarella-tomato salad
  • Bread and buns, herb butter


Cold buffet 2                               20€

  • Assortment of green salad, roasted seeds, season's berries and vinaigrette dressing
  • Nobleman's delicate chicken salad
  • Mild herring fillet in mustard seed marinade
  • Salmon fillet carpaccio in honey and kaffir lime marinade
  • Alder smoked duck breast with smoked plum and red onion relish
  • Delicious roast deer, marinated blackberries
  • Spiced pickles
  • Bread and buns, herb butter


Warm buffet 1                              16 €

  • Baked salmon fillet with pesto and mayonnaise
  • Oven roasted pork neck
  • Thick gravy
  • Roasted organic vegetables from the neighbouring farm
  • Herb roasted potatoes
  • Wild rice with vegetables


Warm buffet 2                               22€

  • Breaded zander fillet from Lake Peipus
  • Braised wild boar
  • Creamy wild mushroom sauce
  • Stir-fried seasonal vegetables
  • Potato gratin
  • Lentil stew


Coffee, tea and jar water included in the price

The minimum size of the group is 20 people