Buffet menus 2013

BUFFET 1          16 €

Cold dishes
Green salad
Beetroot-vegetable salad
Pork fillets with horseradish sauce
Pickled herring with sour cream and onions

Hot dishes

Roast pork with prune and wine sauce
Fried plaice fillet with forest mushroom sauce
Oven-baked potatoes


Estonian traditional dessert kama with roasted bread and forest berries

BUFFET 2          19 €

Cold dishes
Green salad with Caesar sauce and crispy bread
Deer roast with pickles
Potato salad
Lightly salted salmon

Hot dishes

Wild boar stewed with dark beer and juniper berries
Salmon fillet with pesto-mayonnaise cover
Potato-garlic gratin


Coffee-flavoured cream cheese with biscuits and blackberries

BUFFET 3          22 €

Cold dishes
Cold smoked salmon with fresh cucumber salad
Creamy smoked chicken salad with cherries
Forest mushroom salad
Roast beef with pickles

Hot dishes
Game-meatballs flavoured with herbs served with mushroom sauce
Fried plaice fillet with white wine sauce
Potato- coat cheese gratin


White chocolate mousse with raspberries

Minimum size of the group is 20 persons