Wedding Menus 2014

Appetizer with a welcome drink
Rum cookie in chocolate 2 €
Berries/fruits in chocolate/seasonal fruit selection 2 €
Cold buffet 115 €
Olivier salad
Caesari salad with Parmesan and crispy white bread
Herring fillet with sour cream and onion
Fried fish fillet with tomato marinade
Beef roastbeef with horseradish sauce
Roast duck with berry vinaigrette
Pork marinated in white wine
Cold buffet 2
20 €
Nizza salad
Caesar salad with chicken
Potato-ham salad
Herring in mustard-mayonnaise sauce
Lightly salted salmon with herb cream cheese
Chicken skewers with fruit sauce
Smoked duck fillet with berry vinaigrette
Venison roastbeef with pickled cucumber
Hot buffet 1 12 €
Baked salmon fillet with pesto-mayonnaise decor in cream sauce
Baked pork chop with wine-plum sauce
Vegetable ragout
Baked potatoes
Steamed rice
Hot buffet 2
16 €
Fried Peipsi place fillet with white wine sauce
Roast lamb ripened in cranberries with cranberry-mint sauce
Stir/fried vegetables
Potato gratin
Steamed rice
Dessert buffet 14 €
Chocolate cake with raspberries
Fruit salad with whipped cream
Dessert buffet 26 €
Strawberry and mint soup with cheese cream
Selection of cheese
Hot dishes as a separate course or on platters
Baked salmon fillet with pesto mayonnaise decor and
grilled love apple (a tomato) in lime-cream sauce

14 €

Fried Peipsi place fillet in white wine sauce
with steamed seasonal vegetables

15 €

Chicken fricassee (chicken fillet browned in butter and stewed in cognac-cream sauce) with marinated vegetable salad 14 €
Baked pork chop with port wine and black plum sauce with marinated cabbage salad 14 €
Stewed elk meat with wild berry sauce and stir-fried vegetables 17 €
Roast lamb ripened with cranberries with glazed vegetables 17 €
Selection of side dishes:


Baked potatoes
Potato gratin
Steamed rice

Main courses served on platters are 2 € cheaper than the ones served on plates

Prosecco Contessa Giulia S.A
12 €/pdl
Ecusson Normandie Doux (non-alcoholic) 8 €/pdl
Capa Tempranillo
9 €/pdl
Capa Verdejo
9 €/pdl
Saaremaa vodka 12 €/0,5 l
Viru Valge vodka 12 €/0,5 l
Russky Standart vodka 22 €/0,5 l
Braastad VSOP  42 €/0,7 l
Hennessy VSOP
100 €/1 l
Berry juice 1,50 €/1 l

Prices include service costs

We can also compile a menu based on your wishes and make a separate price offer.