The biota of Lahemaa in winter

Lahemaa National Park is a place where you can see North Estonian natural biotic communities that have been protected for 40 years (e.g. the primeval forest and reservations) and a shoreline that has been untouched for 50 years. Come and discover Lahemaa’s diverse environment and wide variety of species on a tour given by an experienced nature guide!

You can hear and see many species of owls and woodpeckers, watch the birds wintering on the shore and witness the process of long-distance migration, including the arrival of the first swans. The 200-year-old manor park is the northernmost habitat of the middle spotted woodpecker. When trekking through the primeval forest, you can follow tracks made by lynxes and white hare and, if you are lucky enough, chance upon a capercaillie. When you reach Altja River in the dusk of the evening, you will be enchanted by the murmur of the stream, the whooping of owls and the gnawing sounds of beavers.

Time: February – March

Languages: Estonian, English, Finnish, Russian

Group size: 4 to 15

Experiences: various owls and woodpeckers, including the middle spotted woodpecker; lynx and white hare tracks, the activities of beavers, capercaillie, experiencing a forest environment just before sunset.

Duration/schedule: 4 days

Day 1
  • Transfer from Tallinn to Sagadi, accommodation in RMK's Sagadi Manor Hotel.
  • Introduction to the bird species of Estonia: presentation in the Nature School, visits to the manor and the Forest Museum.
  • Evening outing in the primeval forest: the sounds of owls
Day 2
  • A morning outing on the banks of Altja River: the tracks and marks made by the activities of woodpeckers, beavers and lynxes
  • Birdwatching near the ruins of the Toolse stronghold by Kunda Bay
  • An evening spent by a bonfire, listening to the sounds of owls in the manor park
Day 3
  • The primeval forest during the day: animal tracks on the snow
  • An evening outing on the banks of the river
Day 4
  • Transfer back to Tallinn
4 kuni 6 people: 580 € per person
6 kuni 10 people: 460 € per person
more than 10 people: 360 per person

The price includes:

  • Accommodation in a two people sharing standard room in RMK’s Sagadi Manor hotel.
  • 3 breakfasts, lunches and dinners
  • Transportation from Tallinn to Sagadi and back to Tallinn and to the outing sites
  • An evening in the sauna
  • Instructor’s fee
  • The use of snow shoes, if necessary