About us

Sagadi manor is managed by foresters, namely the people working at the State Forest Management Centre (RMK). As a result, our activities are often connected with the forest and nature.

The overall administration and maintenance of the manor complex is the responsibility of RMK Real Estate Department.

RMK Sagadi Forest Centre connects our various activities related to the museums, nature school, hotel, and restaurant.

  • Team

Thirty people work at Sagadi throughout the year and ten more people are hired to assist the permanent staff during peak seasons. Our team come from different walks of life and we believe that this enables us to provide all of our guests at Sagadi with a pleasant and unique experience.

  • Quality

The Steering Committee of the Estonian Tourism Quality Programme has awarded RMK Sagadi Manor Hotel with a “Märk Kindlast Arengust” (People committed to quality) certification. This provides our customers with the guarantee that our establishment provides quality services that are constantly being improved.

  • Environment

We believe in the importance of a clean environment and sustainable lifestyles.Since 2002, the activities of RMK, including its activities in Sagadi, have been monitored for compliance with the international standards on environmental management and we have achieved ISO 14001 certification.

Our environmental policy