Nature School

RMK Sagadi Nature School is an environmental center, which is located in Sagadi Manor in Lahemaa National Park. Our mission statement is a quote by Artur Toom, creator of the first nature reserve in Estonia in 1910. It says: The child who takes nature as a friend, breathes better from the soul. The school is a vital part of the Sagadi manor and is financed mostly by the Estonian State Forest Management Center (RMK).

The purpose of the school is to improve people’s environmental sensitivity, show how nature and humans interact and are interrelated, and to teach students environmentally sound values and responsibility. We believe that learning by doing, using all senses, group work, cooperative study, and teaching by using different methods, are key to students receptivity. Our center is constantly evaluating the curriculum, teachers and methods to ensure a top quality programs.

Environmental programs for students of all ages, continuing education for teachers, and private groups are all offered. The center’s courses are connected with the state school curricula for use by schools to supplement and reinforce classroom learning. During the various courses, students learn in a “hands on” manner about nature and the environment. The teaching consists of using the on-site forest museum, nature trails and laboratory to improve the fastening of learned topics.