Due to the fact that it is intact, diverse, and has been thoroughly restored, the entire Sagadi manorial complex could be viewed as a museum.  Museum collections are on display in three different buildings. Museum visitors are required to buy a ticket which grants them access to the exhibitions in all of the buildings.

  • Sagadi manor house

In the centre of the Sagadi manorial complex stands the impressive manor house, which looks aristocratic and contains a fascinating manor house museum. The manor house of the Sagadi estate primarily contains manor style furniture from the 19th century. Thanks to its period interior, beautiful ceiling paintings and unique trophy room, the Sagadi manor hall is one of the best examples of noble life in those times.

  • Forest Museum 
The former granary and carriage house of the manor now functions as the Forest Museum. The interesting exhibitions and unique displays located on both stories of the building introduce us to the forest as one of Estonia’s greatest treasures. The building of the Forest Museum also houses the museum shop.

Ticket prices


5 €


3 €


3 €

family ticket1-2 adults + children

10 €