RMK Sagadi Forest Museum welcomes visitors familiar with the forests as well as those who are still taking their first steps in getting acquainted with nature. The aim of the museum is to introduce the various aspects of forests and forestry, including areas associated with hunting, timber use and nature conservation, to everyone who is interested in it. The museum display features ancient and modern day uses of the forest, forestry tools, hunting trophies, mushrooms, insects etc. The visitors get an overview of the relations between region’s flora and fauna and its surroundings, as well as things that visitors might not necessarily notice in the forest on their own.

The Forest Museum as a specialist museum has been in the former storage and coach house of the Sagadi estate since 2006. The limestone building was insulated and renovated according to the needs of the museum in 2005. The main display is on the top storey of the building. The two halls adjacent to the foyer are reserved for special exhibitions and one room for the sale of specialist literature and souvenirs. One major and several smaller nature exhibitions are held in this building annually.

The former clothes’ barn (located on the west side of the manor house) was furnished in the autumn of 2005 and fitted out with historical crafting tools, work benches etc., used commonly at manors in the past, generously donated by nearby villages and farms, or gathered from the outbuildings of the Sagadi estate. The current display features different tasks that were required to run a manorial estate successfully, the craft and work tools needed to fulfil those tasks, and the country folk who contributed to the success of the manorial estate and its various initiatives with their daily painstaking hard work and diligence. The building is open during the summer season for groups with guides.