Red tiled roofs, whitewashed arches, a bell tower, and other pink and white buildings arranged with German precision;

bright green lawns, stately park trees, roses, and a pond as a symbol of love;

the sounds of the forests of Lahemaa and of the sea, nature trails, and the other beautiful manor complexes located just a stone’s throw away.

The history of the Sagadi manorial estate dates back more than 500 years.Today, the former granaries, stables, dairy house, carriage house, cow barns, and other buildings have new functions.Sagadi is the site of a forest museum, a manor museum, a nature school, a hotel, and a restaurant. The Sagadi manor complex is an architectural monument of national importance, and it is rare due to its completeness.

The past wealth of the barons of Sagadi was based, in part, on the forests. Sagadi manor is still managed by foresters, namely the State Forest Management Centre. Our interest in and love for the forests and nature in general is an important part of all of our activities.

For centuries, Sagadi manor has expected and received guests. Nowadays, tens of thousands of visitors arrive at the manor complex each year. Come and experience the wonder that is Sagadi manor!