Sagadi manor is located in a picturesque area, facing north right on the edge of a klint plateau.On the northern coast of Estonia, just six kilometres from Sagadi, you can find the romantic sand beaches, glacial boulders, and fishing villages that characterise the Gulf of Finland.

Between the manor and the sea stand the woods of Lahemaa where Altja River winds its way into the gulf and several nature trails attract hikers.

Behind the manor, to the south, there are permanent fields and the towns of Haljala and Rakvere.There are beautiful manorial complexes located both eastwards and westwards along the edge of the klint.

The surroundings of Sagadi manor have a way of making you want to get to know them.The seashore and ripe forest berries invite in summer, while the mushroom harvest and flocks of storks will pique your interest in the autumn. In wintertime, you can explore the ski paths and take sleigh rides, and in the spring you can see the wonders of the budding nature and walk the study trails.Various events are held near Sagadi in the summer and there is plenty to do with lots of people enjoying themselves.Autumn and winter are more peaceful and provide an opportunity for you to learn about nature and culture in a more personal setting.

While the surroundings of Sagadi are best enjoyed by bicycle, you can reach all the necessary places on foot as well as by car.