Lääne-Viru county has the densest network of manors in Estonia.

During the heyday of the manor lords, Sagadi manor shared a border with no fewer than five manors. Together with Sagadi, two of the five – Palmse and Vihula – make up the most unique group of manors in Estonia. Today, Palmse manorial complex has been turned into a manor-themed open air museum, while a country club-style centre has been established in Vihula manor. The three renovated manorial estates form a string of pearls where each jewel differs while also complementing the others.

Among Sagadi’s neighbouring manors, the main building of Annikvere manor, currently under renovation, is also worth a visit, as is the unconventional wall tower (the so-called Pidgeon Tower) of Kavastu manor.

The large and rich Sagadi manor also had three lesser estates: Uusküla, Paduri and Oandu. While Uusküla has been destroyed and there are only sad ruins where Paduri used to stand, the buildings of Oandu estate have been mostly preserved and everyone travelling between Sagadi and Altja is welcome to visit.