Manor house of Sagadi

The architectural jewel in the crown of the Sagadi estate is the early neoclassical main building or manor house dating from the 18th century.The building was the home of the lord of the manor and his family, as well as numerous servants.The manor house was where the nobles received their guests, threw lavish parties, and made decisions about the estate and the fate of the peasants.

When it was built in 1753, the manor house with its ornate Rococo-style façade was unique in Estonian manor architecture.The Rococo style went out of fashion and the manor house was reconstructed just 40 years after it had been built. This is when the building was given the early neoclassical exterior you can see today.The ground plan of the manor house meets all the requirements of Baroque architecture, with the living rooms being positioned in an impressive enfilade: the wide double doors of these rooms are located on a single axis and each room unfolds like a separate performance.

Today, the manor house is open to visitors as a manor house museum and serves as an exhibition of manor architecture and interiors with its period furniture.We also uphold the manor's traditions by using the manor house for hosting receptions, weddings, concerts, and conferences.

  • For other time an advance booking is required with extra entrance fee 25 € per group

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