Leisure-time activities

There are plenty of opportunities available at Sagadi to spend ones free time by our leisure-time programs for the groups of different sizes.

One can attend the micro hikes at the Nature School, where the grains of sand are turned into jewels and moss into coral reefs, or enjoy the various expositions at display at the exhibition hall as well as at the manor house.

It is possible to free your mind between the busy meetings and negotiations and relax while sitting on the alder tree log, baking fish and listening to the “forest man’s” meanders regarding fire, time and people. Or wander deep into the primeval forest and try to catch the sunrays deep down in the woods – even when the weather is cloudy. To do everything, using all your senses, to make yourself feel like a part of the living breathing nature that you really are.

You can learn about the nature’s Sun catchers and find out in which way and to whom the energy is being transferred. It is possible to gather the energy carriers Estonians have known for centuries with your own hands from the nature and later on all together at the manor house kitchen to turn them into fantastic refreshments. Adventurous natures can seek for the missing chapters of the rich history of the Sagadi manorial estate that have been lost during the times of turmoil or participate at the engagement party that is held the way the engagement parties were held centuries ago.

All these programs are available only in Sagadi!

More information and reservation +372 676 7888 or sagadi@rmk.ee