A night hike to forest

Forest is mysterious, unknown and mystical at nights. All the senses are sharp in the night forest. Only few brave ones have found themselves hiking in forest at night.

We invite you to an exciting discovery hike in Lahemaa trackless forests. Let's listen to the night sounds, different stories will be told by different scents, and signs of animals´ night activities will be looked for. The hike can be carried out either before midnight or just before dawn, when the forest becomes loud from the waking birds´ songs. Experienced hike leaders provide the hike safely.

Place: Oandu trackless forest or Altja forests

Duration: 1.5 hours

Group size: 10-20 people

(in case of a larger group extra instructors can be ordered)

Price: 120 €

The price includes hike leader´s fee and equipment.

The offer does not include transportation from Sagadi to the starting point of the hike nor the trip back to the manor.

EHE (Ehtne ja huvitav Eesti – Genuine and Interesting Estonia)

Estonian Eco Tourism Society in co-operation with MTÜ Eesti Maaturism and several other relevant organizations launched in 2001 the system of eco labelling of tourism products EHE – Ehtne ja huvitav Eesti (Genuine and Interesting Estonia).
EHE-mark is a quality mark to label tourism products in compliance with the principles of eco tourism.