„The doors are always open, and there is a constant stream of guests. And one is always prepared for this; the rooms are always in order, everyone is always in a good mood, and one feels totally at home in the constant social whirl,” a German historicist and writer Johann Georg Kohl wrote in 19th century.

500 years of hospitality in Sagadi manor bring us back to the present day, where we are waiting for our guests the same way, always prepared for them. Different accommodation possibilities are offered here: comfortable hotel suites and a cosy hostel. Altogether up to 100 guests can be accommodated in different manor houses. It gives an opportunity to arrange bigger parties and receptions, as well as gives privacy to those, who are seeking peace and silence in countryside.

The distinguished manor complex, fresh air, pure nature and all modern comforts are waiting in Sagadi, whether you want to rest from the city noise, have a seminary or a festive occasion.

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