Lahemaa National Park

The name Lahemaa has become widely known in Estonia as well as worldwide.Lahemaa stands for beautiful natural landscapes with forests, rocky beaches, fishing villages, and permanent fields that are connected into a single functioning entity.Nature and man have co-existed here for millennia and Lahemaa National Park was established on 1stJune 1971 in order to protect these heritage landscapes.

Lahemaa National Park is Estonia’s largest and oldest national parks and is one of Europe’s most important forest protection areas.The total area of the national park is 72.500 hectares, 47.410 hectares of which is land and 25.090 hectares sea.

Lahemaa National Park has been created for the purpose of preserving, studying, and introducing the natural and cultural heritage characteristic of Northern Estonia, including its ecosystems, biological diversity, landscapes, national culture, and conservative use of natural resources.The national park protects forest, swamp, and beach ecosystems as well as semi-natural communities (calcareous grasslands), geological monuments (the Baltic Klint), and historical and architectural monuments.

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