Lahemaa nature trails

RMK Beaver Trail

1 km

The sights on this trail include Altja River, the river valley, and local biocoenoses.The deep river valley shows signs of beaver activity including beaver dams, beaver holes in the riverbank, and trees cut down by the animals.

The trail is located on the banks and in the valley of Altja River where paths and stairs have been constructed in order to make it easier to move around.

The trail begins 3.5 km from Sagadi manor and 1.5 km from Altja. Walking the Beaver Trail takes approximately half an hour.

RMK Oandu Forest Nature Trail

4,7 km

The sights on the trail include a virgin-like forest consisting of various forest types and with signs of the activity of wild animals.

The trail begins near the historical Sagadi forest management building, on the junction of Koljaku, Sagadi, and Altja roads. The beginning of the trail is located 3 km from Sagadi manor, 10 km from Võsu, and 2 km from Altja.

Walking the trail takes a little less than two hours. The trail contains 19 points of interest.In damper places, a wooden walkway has been constructed to make walking easier and to protect the fragile plant life.

RMK Oandu-Võsu Hiking Trail

9,5 km 

For the large part, the trail follows the ancient Seljaku road through the virgin forests under the Koljaku-Oandu escarpment. Sights include a variety of landforms and forest communities.

The trail begins at the Oandu camping grounds and takes you to the Võsu camping grounds.

Walking the hiking trail without stopping to rest takes approximately four hours. You can also cover the trail by bicycle. The Oandu-Võsu Hiking Trail is the first part of the RMK Hiking Route

RMK Ojaäärse Forest Trail

3,5 km

The trail loops through the well-lit pine forests between the Kuresoo and Pikapõllu streams. The trail passes by many heritage culture objects including boundary stones, old forest divisions, milestones, and more. The path also contains introductions to folk tales about birds, animals, and curative herbs.

The forest trail begins at the Ojaäärse Nature House car park.

The trail contains 14 points of interest where information plaques provide an overview of the nature and history of the local forests.