Forest Museum

Forest Journey - New exhibition in the RMK Sagadi Forest Museum 

RMK Sagadi Forest Museum is a museum for all those who are interested in, and care about, Estonia’s great treasure – its forests. 

The forest has always held a very special place in the heart of the Estonians: it has been feared and respected, worshipped and cursed. As a keeper of this heritage, the museum helps us to understand it better.

The exhibition is divided into thematic areas spread over the two floors of the recently renovated Forest Museum. The first floor features a video room providing a graphical overview of the current state of Estonian forests and showing an experience clip inspired by the beauty of the forest.

The following topics are represented on the second floor:

  • the tree parliament teaches about the primary species of trees in Estonia;
  • the use of wood in the past and today gives an idea of which woods were used by farmers to build the best shovels or musical instruments and how wood is used in the modern beauty industry, aviation and all kinds of household goods;
  • forest biology tells us about our primary forest animals, the windy life in the canopies and the mysterious life beneath the dirt;
  • modern wood use displays examples from the official as well as underground hall of fame with an interactive trip through wood houses throughout history;
  • wood as the engine of the economy a.k.a. how the forest has supported us for 400 years – from shipbuilding to vodka, not to mention Estonian plywood;
  • sensation journey through the forest – an opportunity to escape the buzz of the exhibition and to enjoy the beauty of the changing seasons in Estonia on the silver screen accompanied by a guided forest meditation;
  • the role of the forest in adapting to climate change and a look back to past millennia a.k.a. how Estonian forests have changed with the climate;
  • forestry ABC or when to use a relascope and saw and what it means when people say the forest depends on the soil;
  • forests in Estonian location and family names;
  • forest heritage and forest-related traditions in our cultural heritage, various views on forests;
  • forest cinema featuring fun and thought-provoking thematic clips from Estonian films.
The first floor of the Forest Museum is home to the museum shop, which offers a variety of products made out of wood and other natural resources. The lobby features a harvester simulator.

The new exhibition is curated by Ain Kütt and Katre Ratassepp. The spacial solutions, design and exhibits were designed by OÜ Pult. The exhibition was constructed by OÜ Riksen.

Ticket prices


5 €


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3 €

family ticket1-2 adults + children

10 €