Butterflies at the forest museum


Who does not love butterflies? The beauty of their wings has enchanted people all around the world, the butterflies are probably the most depicted insects in art and various adornments. And the fact we tend to forget when watching those enchanting creatures is that butterflies are actually insects...

 The new exhibition opened in the exhibition halls of the forest museum entitled "Butterflies and Forest" brings butterfly enthusiasts from the fascinating world of legends to scientific facts. Here you can learn how butterflies migrate to North Africa for hibernation, in which manner the beautiful shades emerge on the butterfly wings, and of course you can enjoy the colourful and fantastic kaleidoscope of Estonian butterflies. This time, a particular attention has been paid to the relationships between butterflies and forest/trees.

The splendid photos and texts by Urmas Tartes, Allan Selin´s specimen of butterfly collection and a spirited video program will be expecting guests in the forest museum till the end of the year. 


Photo by Urmas Tartes.


The exhibition author Urmas Tartes says: “Butterflies act at the same time as a person does his daily routine. Everyone, who moves around nature in summer, meets them. Butterflies are admired and studied since ancient times. We know about them a lot. But there are still secrets in butterflies´ lives that butterfly explorers wonder about even today.”

Come and explore this wonderful world. The exhibition offers both, new knowledge as well as simple viewing pleasure.

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