Kick sledge rental now in Sagadi Manor


We now offer a new outdoor activity for our clients – kick sledge rental.

Kick sledges are popular thanks to their unique appearance, they are easy to handle and suitable for people of all ages. Not to mention the fun it brings especially for children!

Previous experience is not required, but by choosing the right speed, it can give you quite of a work out.

Lahemaa National Park is surrounded by many different hiking trails and small roads between the forests which are excellent for kick sledding. When you are planning to come sledding, we suggest you to bring warm clothes and comfortable shoes with you.

Not only do we have kick sledges for rent, we also offer the possibility to rent walking poles and bicycles. So no matter what the season is, in Sagadi you’ll always have fun!

Kick sledges for rent 5 EUR per hour at Sagadi Manor Hotel reception.

We look forward to your visit!

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