Sagadi manor hotel was granted the Green Key programme

Sagadi hotel joined the Green Key programme to raise awareness about their sustainability in everyday activities among their visitors and collaborating partners. The Green Key is an international eco-label facility originating from Denmark, and by joining the programme the accommodation businesses can show their eco-friendly attitude. Certain criteria must be fulfilled and considered in everyday activities to apply for the Green Key.

Tarmo Mutso [director of Tourism Development Centre in Enterprise Estonia (EAS)]: „EAS Tourism Development Centre recognises the environmental activities in Sagadi hotel by presenting them the Green Key diploma. The Green Key will show the visitors of Sagadi hotel how to achieve harmony between quality and eco-friendly business. The eco-friendly activities at the hotel, along with the nature school and the forest museum, are an inspiration to other tourism businesses.”

Since it is an internationally recognised label, it gives environmentally aware visitors valuable information that helps them choose a location. According to Kadi Elmeste, the sales and marketing manager of Sagadi hotel, many of the visitors of Sagadi manor complex are tourists from Western Europe who put great value on eco-friendliness. For instance, when the Estonian tourists give feedback on their experience in Sagadi, they put little importance on the eco-friendliness of the hotel, but the German tourists are keen to give advice on how to further improve the hotel’s eco-friendliness.

The aim of the Sagadi Forest Centre is to increase awareness on nature- and eco-friendliness among its visitors. Therefore, joining the Green Key programme will further emphasise the principles of clean environment and sustainable way of thinking. “Environmentally aware people have a possibility to hold the Green Seminar in Sagadi, the idea of which is to plant a tree for every participant, thus expanding the area of forests in Estonia. In addition, there is a CO2 calculator on Sagadi manor website, which can be used to calculate how much carbon dioxide people use according to their lifestyle and consumption, per year, and how many trees should be planted to neutralise the effect,” Elmeste added.

Since 2002, the activities of RMK, and Sagadi too, have been evaluated according to the standards of the international environmental management system, and an ISO 14001 certificate has been issued.

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