Sagadi Manor Winter Menu 2012/2013

The restaurant is open during winter season Mon-Sun from 12 – 20

Appetizers and salads

  • Eggplant rolls with nut and cream cheese mousse with a salad selection
  • Sagadi Manor caraway-flavored sõir with baked beets, hazelnut and Põltsamaa Lossivein sauce
  • Smoked duck fillet with red wine and forest berry sauce, roasted vegetables
  • Chicken liver pâté on toast with frozen egg yolk and marinated beets
  • Creamy milkcap soup with crisp smoked meat
  • Pureed pumpkin soup with herb mousse
 Main dishes
  • Creamy duck and wild mushroom pasta with herbs
  • Pan-fried Baltic herring with potato purée and large quark salad
  • Butter-fried cod with steamed vegetables and subtle white wine sauce
  • Bear meat stewed in dark beer and rosemary with roasted onion and tomato
  • Wild boar with vegetables stewed in red wine and herb broth
  • Game patties with herbs flavored with mashed vegetables and milk cap sauce
  • Rägavere lamb roast with sweet pepper and mashed vegetables
  • Peppermint-flavored crème brûlée
  • White chocolate cake with forest berry sauce
  • Hot chocolate fondant with vanilla ice cream
  • Wintery Pavlova stewed in mulled wine with forest berries
  • Sagadi carrot cake with hazelnuts

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