The restaurant is open daily 14- 20

The manor house and Forest Museum is open daily between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m.

25.-26.02 restaurant closed for maintenance.

The beautiful Sagadi manor complex is often called the most manorial manor in Estonia. The manor has harmonious buildings with white arcades surrounding a large central square, a gorgeous 18th century manor house and a pond that symbolises the eternal love of a lord of the manor.

Sagadi is located in Lahemaa National Park, only an hour’s drive from Tallinn. The location has access to nature paths, the seashore, picturesque villages and other manors.

Sagadi has been welcoming guests for centuries. To this day, people like to come to Sagadi to enjoy a refreshing holiday or hold business events.

Sagadi – 550 years of hospitality!

Ticket prices


4 €


3 €


2 €

family ticket1-2 adults + children

8 €