Hosting parties and organising receptions were among the main diversions of the manor’s gentlefolk. The nobility had plenty of time and little to do, so the parties and receptions served to demonstrate one’s wealth and good taste and – perhaps even more importantly – learn about one’s neighbours and relatives. Parties were usually hosted in the winter, since winter roads allowed for faster and safer travel.

Nowadays, more parties are held in summertime, although each season has its own charm. We offer a year-round selection of services, including festive lunches and dinners, celebrations of personal occasions, official meetings and discussions, conventions, seminars, conferences, business meetings, company parties, and New Year celebrations.

Our manorial complex is perfect for organising any of the aforementioned events. We offer a wide selection of venues: the main hall and the other reception halls of the manor house, including the dining halls and the balcony, the manor park or the arboretum along with the pavilion, the restaurant with the banquet hall, and the hostel’s fire room.

We can accommodate overnight stays for up to 100 people.

We offer our help with organising the event from catering to finding the right performers.