A la Carte menu 2015/2016

Deer carpaccio , (Grana Padano shavings, bullace and walnut jelly) L   8€
Goat cheese in profiterole (Cucumber jelly, cherry tomatoes, pearl onion with currant)7 €
Winter salad with roasted beetroot (Smoked plums, chick peas, seed bread, roasted sunflower seeds, Mirabelle plum and pumpkin dressing) K V L E6 €
Cheese selection9 €
Fish broth with organic vegetables (Grey mullet fillet, celery, carrot, leek, garlic) K L G 4 €
Tomato and coconut milk soup with a bit of garlic V L5 €
Forest mushroom soup (Potato, onion, carrot, chicken broth, cheese cream) K G E4 €
Oven baked dumplings with meat-onion filling and cheese cover K   6 €
Mushroom vareniks with mushroom sauce K V6 €
Fish dishes


Pike-perch steak (Cream sauce, potato gratin, organic turnip, wild garlic butter) K E12 €
Steamed grey mullet fillet (Cheese sauce, black rice, blanched vegetables) G 10 €
Vegetable-potato croquettes (Creamy forest mushroom sauce, roasted beetroot) K E7 €
Chickpea stew (Seasonal vegetables, forest mushrooms, roasted red onion, black rice) K L G7 €
Meat dishes
Duck leg confit (Blueberry-raspberry sauce, carrot jelly, baked apple slice, potato pancakes) L 13 €
Rägavere manor lamb ragout (Cherry tomato and basil sauce, potato gratin, roasted paprika and zucchini, Pecorino cheese) K G E15 €
Wild boar roast (Forest mushroom sauce, seasonal vegetables, potato pancakes) K E14 €
Game meat rissoles (Chick pea and mushroom ragout, carrot, smoked plums) L12 €
Estonian bear steak (Bear meat braised in red wine, forest berry sauce, mushroom ragout, black garlic) K G E39 €
Raspberry parfait with forest berry salad K G   4 €
Creme brulee with cloudberry jam K G4 €
Dark chocolate cake with ice cream and cranberry sauce G6 €
Sagadi manor carrot cake with hazelnuts K E5 €
Children Menu
Pork rissoles with vegetable dip and fried potatoes K E4,50 €
Meat dumplings with sour cream, cucumber and tomato K4,50 €
Ice cream with jelly and chocolate K3,50 €
Dessert of curd cream and cookies K E3,50 €

K - Main ingredients originate from Estonia
V - Vegetarian
E - Traditional Estonian food
L - Lactose-free or low-lactose
G -A gluten-free or low gluten