A la carte menu 2022 summer

Cold starters
  • Snack platter (for two) – cold-smoked elk meat, Estonian goat cheese, vegetable chips, berries, black garlic, handmade biscuits E 18€
  • Deer carpaccio, goat cheese, summer berries EG 14€
  • Vegetable plate – organic sprout salad, quinoa, pickled garlic shoot, mini tomatoes, marinated kohlrabi, pumpkin-orange gel EVGL 9€
  • Salad with roasted duck, apple-thyme salsa, pumpkin-orange gel, balsamic dressing ELG 10€
Hot starters
  • Mushroom vareniki, spicy cucumber, herb sourcream ET 11€
  • Meat pelmeni, spicy cucumber, herb sourcream E 11€
  • Creamy fish soup a la manor EG 7€
  • Tomato coconut soup VGL 5€
Main courses
  • Baked aubergine, lactose-free cheese, stir-fried vegetables VGL 12€
  • Duck liver flamed in cognac, honey onion, apple-thyme salsa, fresh berries, balsamic dressing GL 14 €
  • Creamy handmade pasta with salmon smoked in Sagadi, carrot, leek, mini tomatoes EL 16€
  • Today’s fish, herb butter, apple-parsnip puree, cabbage prepared in two ways EG 18€
  • Lamb rump, red wine sauce, cheese-covered aubergine, creamy cabbage, honey mustard onion GL 24€
  • Grilled game meat, raspberry and wine sauce, apple-parsnip puree, roasted cauliflower EGL 24€
  • Viru bear (cooked at low temperature), blueberry sauce, warm apple and leek salad, oven roasted vegetables EGL 46€
  • Sagadi carrot cake - classic dessert from our manor with fresh cheese cream and hazelnuts, cloudberry and sea-buckthorn dressing E 7€
  • Rich chocolate cake - dark chocolate and almond flour based cake with strawberry and rhubarb dressing GL 7€
  • Marzipan cake a la manor - with lemony cheese cream, baked marzipan and fresh berries EGL 7€
  • Raspberry dessert - slightly congealed fresh raspberry dessert GL 6€
  • Seasonal sorbet a la manor EVGL 5€
  • Black garlic ice cream - our clients’ favourite EG 5€
Kids menu
  • Organic chicken drumstick form Äntu manor, potato puree, sour cream sauce, summer vegetables EG 7€
  • Egg pasta, mini tomatoes, cheese, creamy sauce EV 6€
  • Pancake with fresh strawberry jam E 5€
  • Ice cream with waffle, chocolate or berries – choose your favourite! E 5€
  • Handmade quince lemonade E 4€

E – Estonian local food; V – vegetarian food; L – lactose free; G – gluten free
For information on possible allergenic ingredients please contact the staff.