Winter menu 2021

Restaurant is closed.

Orders can be placed:
Mon to Sun 9 am – 6 pm by calling +372 676 7888
You can pick up food Mon to Sun 12 noon – 20 pm

Room dining is available for hotel guests.


Cold starters
  • Elk tenderloin carpaccio, cherry in porter, cheese chips, seaweed salt, herboil 12€
  • Roasted fish, aioli, greens, granberry 8€ 
  • Oven baked beetroot, Hõbeda goat cheese, strawberry chips,  green herbs, homemade mayonnaise 8€
Hot starters
  • Mushroom vareniki, crunchy cucumber, herb sour cream  8€
  • Meat and onion pelmeni, crunchy cucumber, herb sour cream  8€
  • Manor style wild mushroom soup with puff pastry crust  6€
  • Spicy tomato and coconut soup  5 €
Main courses
  • Vegan plate - parsnip cream, zucchini noodles, honey-onion, roasted carrot, vegetable chips  12€
  • Today’s White Fish, creamy cheese sauce, fish flakes,vegetable noodles, lemon aioli, bread chips  14€
  • Duck leg, parsnip cream, honey braised red cabbage, cinnamon apple  14€
  • Rägavere lamb ragout, wine and blackcurrant sauce, organic vegetables, honey-onion  16€
  • Viru Bear (cooked at low temperature), wine sauce, cherry-porter jelly, honey-onion, parsnip cream with garlic powder and parsley, crispy black salsify 32€
  • Sagadi carrot cake with fresh cheese cream and hazelnuts E 5 €
  • Almond and chocolate cake, spruce sprout sorbet, cranberry GL 6€
  • Black garlic ice cream  4€
Children’s menu  
  • Eggnoodles with cheese sauce 5€
  • Meatball with vegetable chips and herb sour cream 6€
  • Pancake with jam 4€
  • Vanilla ice cream 4€

For information on possible allergenic ingredients please contact the staff.